Deadcatcher - an Ultima Forsan adventure

Deadcatcher is a pixel-art videogame, inspired to the Metroidvania genre and influenced by classics such as Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Metal Slug and Golden Axe, a 2D platform featuring horror, exploration and a healthy dose of destruction.   Deadcatcher is developed by StudioBliquo and is set in the world of Ultima Forsan, created by Mauro Longo and Giuseppe Rotondo, authors of novels, gamebooks and roleplaying games. Deadcatcher will allow you to explore Italy and the Macabre Renaissance in the desperate effort to push back the hordes of the Living Dead. With a loaded arquebus!   In the first chapter you will play as Owl the Deadcatcher, facing Bandits, Living Dead and Abominations. With your faithful war spade, Da Vinci’s incredible inventions and a necessary dose of smarts, you’ll bring back the light of hope in the Renaissance of Humanity!

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